Wild Dogs (2018)

WD2-Pochette-face2Released: September 16th, 2018 (exactly one year after the bootleg!)
Available on Bandcamp (Compact Disc (CD) & Digital Album)
The Album concept:
In each of us, two dogs, one good, one evil. The one whose gonna make it will always be the one you feed better. But it seems that all of us feed them both so the fight long last.


  1. Falling the Tree  09:27
  2. Limbo  09:12
  3. Johnny Got His Gun*  06:46
  4. Hang Over*  02:54
  5. Pastance*  04:51
  6. The Nightwatch  06:40
  7. Dead End  13:30
  8. The Redeemer  11:56WD2_front
  9. Broken Promesses  05:00
  10. Wild Dogs  07:14
  11. Growing Seeds  10:23
  12. What Remains  09:13
  13. Sanctus  11:15
  14. Harlequins  11:15
  15. Dalhousie’s Walk*  19:14

ALAIN PROULX: bass guitars, keyboards, drums and percussions, lead and back vocals.
SERGE DOUCET: guitars.
MARTIN VINCENT: acoustic 12 strings guitars.
C. LUCAS PROULX: lead and back vocals.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alain Proulx between June 2018 and August 2018 in Scarecrow’s Shelter Studio.
All songs written, composed and arranged by Alain Proulx with strong contributions of Serge Doucet for guitar arrangements and C. Lucas Proulx for vocal arrangements.
Published and produced by Alain Proulx.

Original watercolor: © Ces Ptits Pigments by Isabelle Matte (cesptitspigments.com)

* Partly composed by Loam Tales, a prog band of late 70’s in which Alain and Serge first contributed.

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