It was obvious for us to connect to what is a total spectacle where the fundamentals are set on the equilibrium. The “K” of CIRKUS comes from the shapes in the logo that illustrate this equilibrium.

CIRKUS is much more than just a rock band. It is a philosophy and an approach of creation and production. Because we wanted to be in a perpetual creation mind set, it was absolutely obvious to handle our own recording gear, which is not of a standard professional studio. Then, compromise is the deal here. We could record or rerecord again and again over the 15 months it took to make “Wild Dogs”. So, the soundtakes and the mastering could sometimes suffer depending the songs.

At the end, we wanted to free creation from the costs and limitations of the traditional production process where all go on a one-shot deal approach. Our production is far from perfection but it is still a living thing.

For us, the album is just a basis for a multimedia show to come where music, projections, lighting and scenery will contribute to build an experience for the senses.